Wednesday, January 19, 2011

dresses are in

Right after Christmas I got a wonderful call from Bella Bridesmaid letting me know that our bridesmaid dresses were in and that they would soon be shipped out to all my girls. Woohoo! Everyone has them by now, so it's time to make some decisions about the rest of their ensemble.

First I narrowed down our shoe options to silver or raspberry and asked my lovely ladies for feedback and opinions. Although the raspberry would be an awesome pop! of color, it would probably look best if all the girls had the same exact shoe or same exact raspberry color. That seems like too much thinking, searching, stressing. So silver it is!

Jewelry?? Well, MOH Ash had the fabulous suggestion of maybe incorporating raspberry into the jewelry. That got my wheels turning and reminded me of this beautiful berry colored hair flower that my co-worker wore at her wedding in October - from My mom and I had already discussed possibly making a fabric flower of some sort to either go on the girls' sashes or in their hair. Perfect solution. So...silver shoes, silver jewelry (if they want to incorporate the raspberry into the jewelry, great, but not necessary) and maybe some raspberry flowers. Done and done.

How did you decide on your girls' shoes and accessories? Did you give them guidelines or leave it all up to them?


  1. Sounds great! I gifted my girls their jewelry and asked them to wear any silver shoes they wanted.

  2. That will look great. I had my BMs wear silver shoes too! I had them wear rhinestone studs.

  3. My bridesmaid dresses just came in, too...and they have to go pick them up at the salon. I'm having them chose whatever black shoes they want to wear with it, and the same with jewelry, but either big earring and no necklace or necklace with smaller earrings.

  4. Love the concept of dress, shoes and jewelry! I chatted with my girls about what they wanted for a style of dress, then I found a pattern that would work for both of them and I purchased it. We haven't talked too much about shoes yet. My MOH mentioned nude pumps and I've recently seen these:
    We'll see if the girls decide to get coordinating shoes or what!

  5. Very cute!! I told my girls what color to pick and sent them to JCrew--done! I haven't thought much about jewelry or shoes yet. So many choices!